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Samaritan Cookbook - a review

  Samaritan Cookbook - a review Food, as in breaking of bread and feasting, along with hospitality are integral to God's being. Jesus' command to "take, eat" is not just a Eucharistic command, but a call for God's people to put aside their differences and come together at table. Post resurrection Christ often appears to his disciples in "the breaking of bread." It was this and my personal interest in food and cooking that led me to jump at the chance to review Samaritan Cookbook: A Culinary Odyssey From the Ancient Israelites to the Modern Mediterranean by Benyamim Tsedaka. The first thing I noticed upon receiving the book was it's design. The book is beautifully illustrated with artwork along with pictures, not only food, but of the Samaritan people. The second thing I noticed was that the book is a balance between actual recipes, theology, and cultural information. This is a cultural cookbook in which the author and editors appeal to five main grou