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Holding Off

Improv is about being fully present to the moment. Sometimes the best way to live in the moment is to make plans for the future.  I have often found myself reluctant to make long-term plans. Some of my rational is that I am an ENFP on my Myer's Briggs Personality profile. That means I keep looking at options, sometimes waiting until an opportunity passes. Not making a decision, is making a decision. It also means I concentrate on the "what ifs." What if I make a non-refundable deposit and my situation changes? What if I change my mind or my living situation changes or a myriad other catastrophic options? So in order to be safe, I back down, I don't take the risk, I don't plan. Plans can't fall through if I don't make them, right? What I'm really doing is guarding myself and refusing to live now. I'm letting fear control how I live. Even though my plans are for something a year away, the effect is very real in the present moment. Rather, than saying