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Book Review "To Sing Once More

Review of "To Sing Once More" by William Strauss  The term “dog-lover” defines me. I am currently living with my fourth golden retriever, having lost my first three pets mostly to old age, but also cancer. For that reason alone, I was anxious to read To Sing Once More, Sorrow, Joy, and the Dog I Loved by Lambert Zuidervaart. In his preface, the author explains that the dog about which the book is written was brought into his life to heal the wounds of loss from the passing of a previous pet. He also states that it was her “puppy presence” that lead him to study vocal performance and eventually sing with a number of amateur and semi-professional organizations, thus the wording of the title. Throughout the book, the author refers to his progress and experiences performing, but I seldom found much of a connection between his avocation and the raising of his golden retriever. Each  chapter is introduced with a quote form a variety of poets or composers which Zuidervaart refers  t